a game of shapes for little fingers

plenty of levels. play on repeat

each word is spoken and shown


each level has colorful, playful characters

How it works:

move the pieces to the matching shape

Sound fun?

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Jacob's Shapes Lite is a free smaller version of our popular game.
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The name of each piece is spoken when you place it.
This helps develop vocabulary and name recognition.

BONUS: We've heard your feedback and now we've included an adult version of the voices!

Many games have layers of menus that are too confusing for little kids.

Jacob's Shapes is easy to navigate so your child can play without asking you for help. Pieces are easy to grab and snap into place.

Endearing characters and dozens of delightful levels make Jacob's Shapes a game you're sure to love.

Parents love Jacob's Shapes almost as much as their kids.
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Hi, my name is Nate. I'm a father and an iPhone developer. My son Jacob is 2 years old and the other day I realized he is learning to match shapes.

He loves my iPhone, but most games are too confusing for him. I'm creating "Jacob's Shapes" because I want my son to have a beautiful, simple game that will help him with his verbal skills and shape recognition.

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